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5th November 2006

6:21pm: I deleted almost everyone.

I don't really want to update my journal anymore for several reasons. I'm keeping my journal because a) I might from time to time decide to do a small post, and b) I still would like to read the entries of those I kept.

I deleted people who don't update their journals anymore (including 2nd journals of some people I kept) and people who I don't know in real life, or people who I don't think read my journal anymore. If you would like to be kept, or if I know you in real life and you still read my journal even though you haven't updated your own in ages, let me know and I'll re-add.

And if I kept you, please keep me, cause as I said I kept those who I would still like to read and comment on, and it's possible that I will eventually update again.

Ok, that's all. Sorry for the lame post.

7th August 2005

11:04am: Friends Only
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